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MXGP - MX2 - WMX - EMX - Vorläufiger Terminkalender für 2019

Now into the second half of the 2018 season the buzz for the 2019 MXGP season has begun. In addition to the recently announced MXGP of Hong Kong and the MXGP of China Youthstream proudly releases the 2019 FIM Motocross World Championship Provisional Calendar.

The season opening venue has yet to be announced but will take place towards the end of February and will be followed by MXGP’s return to Argentina. After the early fly away trip MXGP will return to Great Britain’s Matterly Basin circuit, head straight to Valkenswaard for the MXGP of the Netherlands, then continue south to the MXGP of Trentino at Pietramurata.

The teams will then prepare for the second fly away trip with back to back races in the massive Asian market at the MXGP of Hong Kong and the MXGP of China on Wednesday the 1st of May. Marking its 3rd successive year on the calendar is the MXGP of Russia at Orlyonok along the coast of the Black Sea.

From Russia the championship will return to the West for the MXGP of Latvia, Germany, France, and Lombardia. After nearly 2 months in Europe MXGP will then set sail for Indonesia’s Pangkal Pinang and Semarang for the MXGP of Indonesia and Asia respectively.

Continuing back into Europe the series will make its way to the ever familiar MXGP of Czech Republic in Loket and the MXGP of Belgium in Lommel before heading to the MXGP of Turkey in Afyonkarahisar.

The final 3 rounds to complete the 20 round season will be the MXGP of Switzerland in Frauenfeld-Gachnang, the MXGP of Portugal in Agueda, and the MXGP of Italy at Imola hosting the season finale for its second year in a row.

The dutch community will not only see the MXGP of the Netherlands in 2019 but also the return of the biggest event of the year to European soil, the Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations in Assen the 29th of September.

The new season will be full of action and racing on a global scale again making the FIM Motocross World Championship the premier motocross series on the planet.

The provisional MXGP and MX2 calendar including the racing scheduled for Women’s Motocross World Championship, All European Championships, and the Veteran World Cup can be viewed below.


DATUM GRAND PRIX ORT Zusätzliche Klasse
24. Februar TBA TBA  
10. März Argentinien TBA  
24. März Gross Britanien Matterley Basin Women, EMX250 &
31. März Niederlande Valkenwaard EMX125 & EMX250
07. April Trentino Pietramurata Women, EMX125
21. April Hong Kong Hong Kong  
01. Mai China Shanghai  
12. Mai Russland Orlyonok EMX250 & EMX300
26. Mai Latvia Kegums EMX125 & EMX250
02. Juni Deutschland Teutschenthal Women, EMX125 &
16. Juni Frankreich TBA EMX125 & EMX250
23. Juni Lombardia TBA Women & EMX250
07. Juli Indonesien Pangkal Pinang  
14. Juli Asien (Indonesien) Semrang  
28. Juli Tschechische Republik Loket Women, EMX125 &
04. August Belgien Lommel EMX125 & EMX250 &
18. August Schweiz Frauenfeld EMX65, EMX85 &
01. September Türkei Afyonkarahisar Veteran & EMX300
15. September Portugal Agueda Women & EMX250
22. September Italien Imola EMX125, EMX250 &
29 September – Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations – THE NETHERLANDS, Assen



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