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« It’s heart braking, really. The team has been doing a lot of improvements since Argentina, and we are proud to say that the chassis is really fitting Evgeny’s speed. On his side, despite the late decision to enter the 2018 season with us, Evgeny worked hard and he’s now as fit as last year. So coming back with only a few points from Latvia is unfair for us, and we feel bad for our rider » begins Pierrick Paget, the Team manager.

After a good warmup this morning (P10), Bobryshev was ready for Moto 1.
But when the gate dropped, the engine stalled. Suddenly.

« One more time, I had to come back from dead last, and of course it costed me a lot of energy in the process. I came back 15th and was even able to get a 13th, but I lost the momentum behind Butron, without finding an open door, and I stayed there. » tells Evgeny Bobryshev.

Everything was ready for Moto 2, and the start was much better, close to the Top 10.
Evgeny charged through the pack, with a very good speed, and was on the fight for 9th just before something happened…

« Everything was going good and at mid-moto, and at the back of the track, the bike took a stone on the exhaust pipe, damaging the pipe and causing the lost of power. Evgeny had no choice than retire… » explains Dominique Alleaume, Chief mechanic.

"19th of MxGP of Latvia is not really the position we wanted or deserved. But on the other side, knowing that a dozen of Riders did get hurt this weekend on the tough sandy track, it’s could have been worst. Evgeny will still be a contender next week in Germany, on the track he loves! We have to look forward, we will get where we want to be for sure » adds Olivier Bossard, owner of BOS GP.

After 7 MxGP, Evgeny Bobryshev stands in 12th in the world championship.
Next round, Teutschenthal, Germany...


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