MXGP Motocross Weltmeisterschaft News

DRY & MUDDY track
The riders discovered a dry track on Sunday, very slippery, with sharp bumps, and dangerous parts.
It was very difficult to set up the bike to have Tommy confident on it, but we managed to find a good combo that suited him well enough But it was very close and despite a good effort, Tommy only managed to get a 17th position for Sunday, between Coldenhoff and Tonus. On Sunday, it was the complete opposite with a very wet sand which will stay all Sunday the same, due to constant rain. The four classes destroyed little by little the track to finally get only a few deep lines, with a lot of engines failures and crashes...

Riders IN & OUT
Tommy is very consistent this year and stay on two wheels. Our goal is to keep working to give him security and of course performance. Evgeny was also back on the MxGP paddock, to visit the FIM doctor and get an approval for the coming races. Sad to see him not riding but it’s a matter of weeks before seeing the number 777 back. If not St Jean d’Angely, it will be just after!

GOOD & BAD results
After pushing hard in the tough muddy conditions, Tommy Searle was solid in 11th, after the first half of the race, with good points in view…but suddenly the bike lost his power (sand projections were blocking the radiators, and the engine went over 140 degrees!) and the British rider had no choice than finishing quietly on the pegs…to loose the last point by one position only…Bummer!

The mechanics worked hard between motos to give him the best bike possible for second heat.
After a decent start in 15th, Tommy came back in 13th and hold this position without taking any more risks, in order to get important points.

Tommy is currently 16thin the World Championship, only 28 points short of the Top 10
We all keep pushing!

Next round : MxGP of Portugal, the 18th and 19th of May.

Foto: Pascal Haudiquert, Kawasaki Europe


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