MXGP Motocross Weltmeisterschaft News

Living a MxGP Weekend from the inside is a thrill, an exciting experience.

We really would like to share this with you, specially the last three laps of the second moto, the moment you just wait for the last minutes to go by fast, to validate (or delete) a week of work…
Here are the LIVE comments:

« We didn't had any mechanical problem since first practice Saturday, so if the race stops now, it's a perfect weekend for us. Evgeny was happy about the bike, and except stronger clutch spring for moto 2, we only checked and re-checked the classics points of the 450RMZ. Thanks to DUNLOP and Eddy Seel who gave us good advices in the choice of the rear tire: we went from dry to sand today » explains Dominique Alleaume, Bobryshev's mechanic.

« Evgeny was pretty fast to choose a setting that he liked on the big 52mm fork, but when you see the track getting damaged that rough, I'm just wondering if our settings are still good, of course... But apparently, the combo Bobby's riding style-450F SUZUKI-BOS Suspensions is efficient cause I'm spending the race comparing the best bikes in the roughest sections (specially braking areas and Downhills for the fork) and it looks very good so far…I'm just worry about the right fork, cause a stone broke the front protection, and I just hope another stone won't hit the tube… » says Steven Bossard, chief engineer.

« Every races, Evgeny is getting faster, so every time it demands more fitness. Fighting for 14th in Argentina and fighting for 6th here are not the same deal!
I hope he will stay focused till the end and stay on two wheels. The goal of the team was to show the world our suspensions, and a Top 15 would have been great the first year, honestly. But the potential of Bobby is without limits : we did the Top 15 we wanted at the first moto of the year, then the Top 10 we were dreaming of, at the second moto! Then this weekend he offers us our first Top 8 overall! During 5 laps, it was a almost a Top 6, it's unbelievable, really. If you look closely, after that point, we will have to fight with Gajser and Febvre, who are former World Champion in Factory team: it's scary in a way…"
said Pierrick Paget, the Team Manager.

2 laps later, Evgeny Bobryshev went through the checkered flag in 9th, enough for 8th overall of the day, here in Portugal.
Job is done, Thanks Bobby.

From Sardinia, helping the Team TOYOTA Gazoo Racing to get ready for the next WRC Rally, the owner of the team gave his final word:
"After all the trouble we had this winter (Paturel leaving the team, then Tixier getting hurt without even doing a lap in MxGP), I can understand that some people didn't take us too seriously. But after Agueda, I hope they realize that the suspensions and the Team are not a joke….You don't fight with the best rider in the world with chance, not really. It's only the beginning of our story, there is a lot more to write, believe me… » finish Olivier Bossard.

Next race : GP of Russia!
Yes: Bobryshev's home GP!

Foto: Benjamin D'Introne.


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